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Vodafone Essar Limited,

Peninsula Corporate Park,

L- Parel-Mumbai13

8th January, 2013

Dear Sir,

I wanted to address myself as the valued and esteemed customer, however I am ashamed to do so as Vodafone seem to be least concerned. I have horrific dreams of Vodafone calling me, and updating me about the revised plans and offers. I frantically check my mail, keep looking into my mobile for your calls but ah no calls. Alas! It?s a dream I realise.

I visit the Vodafone store, but they seem to confuse me. The service rendered is poor. But who cares, as long as Vodafone is increasing its customer base. Good that you are growing, but how far it is justifiable at the cost of a loyal customer who has stayed with you for almost a decade now(26th June 2003 till date to be precise). Please check your records, you will find.

While other service providers keeps updating their existing customers about their new plans and offers, Vodafone seems to be complacent. If you go through your records, you will find I have been paying such hefty amount for no reasons. You are least concerned about my soaring bills. I have to make frantic run to your galleries to get my plans updated. Tell me how far it is justifiable that I run from post to pillar to get things done? Is it not your moral responsibility to look after my issues being your loyal customer?

I must tell you, we have been your loyal customer since long. Here by ?we? I mean me and my family members. There?s an important incident worth citing here. When my Aunt who is in her late sixties tried to approach one of your galleries in Borivali, she was left stranded and unattended.

Is it customer service? Do we have any right to certain amenities when we have been paying our bills promptly? Don?t you treat even the senior citizen with respect and dignity? Do they have to always accompany with an escort to get things done?

There hardly had been an occasion when I have paid a bill lesser than a thousand bugs and that too for services I should be given absolutely free of charge. But who cares, as long as the company is making hefty profits and increasing customer base. You seem to lure new customers with lucrative offers, excellent I appreciate. But how could you be completely oblivion of the pain and trauma that an existing customer goes through. Can you be forthright in explaining me the reason for such a disparity? Is our loyalty of any worth to you? Of what use it is when the new customers gets the better deals than the existing ones.

I make another trip to the Vodafone gallery. The efficient sales team would confuse me with difficult terminology. Instead of keeping things simple they would rather complicate the issue. Why it can?t be that simple that even a lay man can understand what is the service being offered and how much are we charged for that particular service.

The latest being the Vodafone live and Vodafone connect. How are we supposed to know that at a particular moment we are using Vodafone live or Vodafone connect? And then my bill is abuzz with this terminology that gives me a whirl wiz. I am separately being charged for both the services. The irony of the fact is that I was promised free internet usage.

And now to add insult to injury, when I talk of shifting loyalty and start looking for other service providers, you suddenly come up with lucrative offers. Where were you when I greatly needed your support and service? Is this the kind of service that you provide and then you expect your customers to stay back.

Tell me don?t I have the right to know the best plans and offers being an existing customer for almost a decade now. Your new ad tells of ?made for you?, offer; now could you please tell me is it marketing gimmick or do you really care for your customer? If so where is my offer? Let alone offers, I never received any phone calls updating me of the current plans and tariffs.

I am distressed with your services; it seems like a bunch of Indians chosen to fool their Indian counterpart by a multinational brand.

My current plans runs like this:

My current tariff plan is: 199/- + 30/- [local @30p] + 149/- [sms pack] + 40 [200min. free local talk time] + net charges [without any pack]

Do I have any chances of a revised tariff plan or do I really need to make the big switch.

Please let me know,

Depressed and distressed,

Your Customer


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