Letter of complain to vodafone…

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Vodafone Essar Limited,

Peninsula Corporate Park,

L- Parel-Mumbai13

8t January, 2013

Customer complain No: Service Request Number: 533804123

Dear Marten,

It gives me immense pleasure in writing to you when others from your company seem to turn deaf ear to my complaints. I am proud and content with the mere thought that there is at least one responsible in the company who looks at our matter the way it should be addressed. To abreast you a little this is my second consecutive letter to your costumer care concerned authorities.

Now it feels strange when I get auto responders telling me that my grievances will be addressed within two working days and then there’s an absolute silence on your part. Tell me Marten, Is there any human entity in your company who renders help for a genuine cause. After six long days of waiting for my phone to ring all I get is a template saying that the company tried to reach me but I was not available. I wonder what kind of network you have when you can’t contact one of your distressed customers. Or am I suppose to eat breathe and sleep with my mobile waiting for that dreaded call from your company?

Marten, while you are busy converting Vodafone into money making machine, others from your so called esteemed company seem to ignore the fact that everything depends on its consistent customer base. I stress on the word,? consistent? cause Vodafone seem to be more busy on increasing the customer base rather than retaining it.

Can’t you see I have been suffering and having horrid dreams? And it’s just not about me; there may be million more that may be undergoing through the same trauma. It has been ten long years I have been overcharged. I have been charged for the services which should have been absolutely free to me. And then your customer care hardly seems to care much. They often come up with concocted stories and alibis. Let alone care, they did not even bother to talk to me and understand my issues.

Marten, Media refers to you as one genuine person willing to take the company to another level. But please don’t do it at the cost of your esteemed customers.

As far as media is concerned, I have kept few mail ids handy to forward it to them. My journalists friends would be too happy to spice up the story before getting it into the print. However, as if now I have restrained myself. A prompt action is all I am looking at this stage.

Your Customer


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