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What started as the petty issue as changing my tariff plan, has gained so much of momentum. When I had issues with my telecom company regarding the billing and tariff plans, like any other normal customer I asked my service provider to look into my matter. However, after so much of cajoling and persuasion my issue still remained unresolved. It was only when I decided to PORT that they seem to awake. Suddenly I was abuzz with so many calls and numerous lucrative offers.

I ask to myself, that do I have to lie every time to get even the basic plans that I deserve. Why there is so much of discrepancies. Why there is no proper customer redressal cell. I dug deep and found so many uneven practices prevalent with the telecom companies. On further investigation, I found I was not alone. There were numerous like me trapped in this whimsical web. May be a thousand ten thousand or million more, nobody knows. This is when I decided to take up the issue with the TRAI.

I always believed in, “Be the change you want to be.” And see my initiatives have born fruits. I am lucky to have your support and cooperation. Remember together we can and together we will.

Keep ushering your support and best wishes.

Warm Regards!



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