Say Bye Bye to Battery Woes….

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Say Bye Bye to Battery Woes….!

As tech giants rush to develop the newest smartphone or mobile gadget, one significant dilemma remains… how to deal with insufficient battery life. What good are larger displays and slimmer designs if you are in the middle of a power outage caused by a snowstorm or if you can’t find an outlet to plug in your phone charger?

Breakthrough Technology to Double Battery Life

A few days ago a Korean research team announced that it developed a key technology that unlocks the possibility of doubling battery life while shortening charging time.

Unveiled as ACS Nano in the scientific journal published by the American Chemical Society, the technology behind this breakthrough involves synthesized carbon-silica composites based on tin (Sn). For the more technical amongst our readers, this is used as a cathode material for lithium ion batteries. According to reports, the carbon-silica composite could reduce charging time for lithium ion batteries to under one hour (versus the usual three to four hours) while doubling battery life.

Ah, a real solution at last!

Korea Leading Innovation in Batteries

This recent breakthrough comes on the heels of another electrifying discovery by scientists at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. Last year they put forth a prototype for bendable lithium ion batteries.

Reported by the MIT Technology Review, the “fluid-like” polymer electrolytes the Korean researchers devised make flexible batteries a real possibility. This is thanks to their dual qualities – fluid-like flexibility mixed with the stability of solids.

Future possibilities

Sure these energy-efficient, bendable, batteries may create the catalyst for some cleverly crafted smartphones that don’t die before dinner, but what we’re really excited about are the possibilities these innovations likely hold for the future.

Much of the hype around bendable batteries is due to the promise they show for futuristic gadgets that, up to now, we’ve only been able to glimpse in sci-fi movies. We may finally have the technological underpinning to get past the limitations imposed by less-than-stellar battery life. Think flying cars, floating computer screens, James Bond-esque gadgets…


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