After e-tickets, boarding pass on mobiles for domestic flyers….

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Boarding pass on mobile for hassle free travel….!!

Domestic flyers will soon be able to skip check-in queues at airports and board the aircraft by simply flashing their smartphones. The aviation ministry has asked the Bureau of Civil Aviation Security (BCAS) to develop a protocol for flyers to get bar-coded boarding cards on their phones with which they can proceed for security checks.

Passengers are now allowed to enter airports by showing the electronic tickets on their phones instead of hard copies of the same. E-boarding cards will take the mobile technology initiative forward. Airlines will email boarding cards to passengers once they check-in online or telephonically.

“The concept has been cleared. There is only one hitch: During security check, passengers’ mobile phones pass through X-ray machines and they get them back after they are cleared. At present, Central Industrial Security Force (CISF) stamp boarding passes after frisking passengers and this stamp is seen before a flyer is allowed to get on a plane. So we have to work on the issue of allowing mobile phones with passengers during security check so that CISF personnel can see the card, doing away with the practice of stamping cards,” said an official who is working on the project.

A senior aviation ministry official said the security issues would be sorted out soon. “We hope to implement the boarding card on mobile project in the coming weeks,” said the official.

Meanwhile, many airport developers have requested the aviation ministry to do away with the practice of CISF stamping baggage tags after bags are X-rayed and cleared to be taken on board aircraft. This practice is proving to be a logistical nightmare at big airports such as Delhi’s Terminal 3.

“We have numerous instances of security personnel looking for CISF security check stamp on hand bag tags but either the tag is missing or the stamp is missing. Then passengers have to run all the way back to security counters to get a stamped tag. This is causing huge inconvenience and we have requested the ministry to do away with this practice in Delhi,” said a senior Delhi airport official.


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