Some good Apps to learn musical instruments….!!

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Smart phones as your music teacher…!!


If you have a flair for music but, have no time to learn a musical instrument, then your problem is sorted. You can easily learn and pursue your passion for music with your smartphone, through various musical apps available for you in the app store. Here, we bring to you some of the easy apps that can satiate your hunger for music. So check out some cool apps and get ready to try your hand on different musical instruments:

1.       Virtual Guitar- The app is apt even for beginners and for professionals. It can be a good time pass and one can pursue it as a serious job to learn the instrument. It offers two modes to learn- Solo mode and Chords mode. Numbers of Frets and Chords are given can be reduced in settings, depending on the screen size of your smartphone. The sound it produces appears absolutely realistic and gives the genuine feel to learn the instrument.

Download from- for free

2.       Pianist HD- Finger Tap Piano- The app works just as you can play on real piano. It has some in built songs through, which one can learn to play a piano. It also has recording functions that help you record what you play and provides room for improvement. The app has different keyboard options like Single, Double and Triple. It also has keyboard themes like Pro, 3D and Real. The width of the keys can also be adjusted like thick, thin or normal.

Download from- for free

3.       GarageBand- This app will not just let you play one or two but multiple instruments at one place. The keyboard supports multi-touch. One can record voice using the built-in microphone and different sound effects can also be included in the tracks while recording. With multiple musical instrument support, one can record live over Wi-Fi, and also mix one’s own creation with other songs. The app also allows you to trim your recordings. There’s also Note Editor to fine tune of any touch instrument recording. The recordings can also be saved on iCloud and can be shared directly to Facebook, YouTube etc.

Download from-  for approximately Rs. 273

4.       Piano- Available at iTunes, the app comes with interactive songs. Beginners can select tempo according to their pace. They can slow down the speed to learn easily in practice mode. The app contains three song kits, each of which contains eight songs. For easy understanding of a user, the keys light up in rhythm with the song so that user will remember which note to play. Piano and songs volume too can be adjusted in settings.

Download from- for free

5.       Pocket Drums- Want to let a drummer inside you try its hand on drums? Well, the app is just for you then. With absolute real sound, the app provides you a complete kit of drums and drum wraps. It comes with multi-track recording, 20 unique drum loops to play, variable pitch control, drum rolls, double bass drumming etc. One can also set drum beat sound on rock, hip hop, dance, fusion etc. Recording option is also there so that you can record your performance and can improve accordingly.

Download from- for free


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