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Me And Mobile Free Apps Suggestion Of The Week…!


When it comes to Android, you will be overwhelmed with the massive number of free apps thronging the market. To make your task simpler, we have carefully pruned a few of the most useful free apps from the lush world of Android market.

1) Dolphin Browser HD

Dolphin HD is reminiscent of Firefox, the browser that transformed the world of web surfing with support for multi-tabbed browsing, useful add-ons and media plug-ins. In fact, it matches the functionality of the standard Android browser with pinch-to-zoom feature, and tabbed browsing support for up to eight sites at a time.
Besides, add-ons are of great value and help in increasing your productivity with features such as ad blocking, bookmarks sharing and save your favourite web pages as PDFs. Furthermore, it includes a configurable gesture control system, which enables you to define gestures for specific tasks, such as moving the fingertips over the screen to trigger a search action or bookmark your favourite page. The free version is available through the settings menu and is ad-supported, while the paid version ($4.99) is ad-free.

Download Dolphin Browser HD

2) Lookout Mobile Security

Thankfully, we haven’t seen too many malware affecting the mobile phone world. Despite this fact, it always pays off to be protected from hackers with security apps like Lookout Mobile Security. This app can detect viruses, trojans, phishing attacks and other malware with real-time scanning and threat removal features. Besides, it comes with a handy backup feature and phone services to locate your phone, if it’s gone missing or stolen.

Download Lookout mobile security

3) Dropbox

Dropbox is an exclusive cloud-based storage service for Android that allows you to securely store your data with password encryption on a remote server. You could login to your storage account from any Android smartphone and read, write or perform modifications to your existing data. What’s more? You could even customise your office data by creating separate folders for each task. It also supports software for computers and other smartphones. You can share links to your uploaded files and photos with friends and colleagues through e-mail, Twitter, Facebook and other social-networking platforms. It gives you a free storage space up to 2GB and you are required to pay, if you need more space.

Download Dropbox

4) Swype

Ever faced the trouble of typing lengthy messages with cramped up mobile phone keypads? Fret not! Get yourself the Swype app that allows you to type faster than a pro typist, with a gestured drag across the letters of the word, which you intend to appear on the screen. Its been developed based on the T9 predictive text input system, with pre-defined words allowing you to choose the closest matching word, while Swype fills up the missing letters and spaces.

That’s quite a smart tool for some smart work and moreover it’s for free…

Download Swype

5) Juice Defender

Today’s smartphones are prone to rapid power drain due to the huge processing power that goes into running those widgets, taskbar, colourful themes, wallpapers and background services including Wi-Fi and GPS. You wouldn’t want to manually turn off the long-list of power draining features like Wi-Fi, 3G and GPS as an everyday routine. Juice Defender steps in to make your day by automatically turning off these unwanted features to squeeze every ounce of juice from the battery. Besides, it comes with a dedicated widget icon that tells you how much of battery power you are saving. For example, an indication saying x1.50 means you have extended the battery-life by 50% and so on.

Download Juice Defender




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