Mobile mannerism:A way to healthy talking.

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The how and why of perfect mobile communication.

Today mobile phones are ubiquitous part of our lives. It would not be wrong to say that mobiles and humans are just inseparable. Majority of people start feeling insecure, lonely or rather handicapped in the absence of their personal mobile device. Ever since this amazing communication device emerged, it has truly transformed our lives. We often overlook the etiquettes that are must while using this communication device and end up troubling people around us. We have jotted down some essential mobile etiquettes that people often forget to apply, hence should be kept in mind.

  1. Do not talk on the phone while driving and while crossing the road. You might not care about your life but you should respect other lives.
  2. Listening to music on your mobile phones loudspeaker is a strict no-no in public areas, especially while commuting in a bus or metro. If you really want to enjoy songs, our advice is to use earphones.
  3. Do not send text messages while sitting at the lunch/dinner table. It’s very annoying.
  4. Keep your phone on vibrate while attending important conferences, meetings, in cinemas, hospitals and temples.
  5. Some people have the habit of talking loudly over the phone. You have to realise it is not 1980 when you had to shout for the other person to hear you clearly. Talking louder than usual will just irritate people around you.
  6. Do not take pictures using your mobile without the other persons consent. Also do not try to click pictures in prohibited areas. Respect ones privacy and laws.
  7. Even if you are good at multitasking, do not talk on your cell while cooking, gardening or other house chores. Just relax and take a breather from your phone while performing them.
  8. Give your partner more importance than your cell phone, otherwise you might just end up with a broken phone and a nasty conflict
  9. We know it is tempting, but our suggestion is not to use your handheld as a source of cheating while writing an examination.
  10. Never take your phone to bed. It will keep your marriage and health in the pink. Instead check the phone in the morning.




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