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Students in today’s era are blessed with the various technological advancements. iPhone is one such device that has simply opened the gates of knowledge for the students. Developers have come up with some amazing apps, which once downloaded on the iPhone will provide easy access to knowledge and in turn will give productive results. We bring to you some of the popular and most downloaded apps amongst students.

1. Readability

Readability enhances your reading experience by removing all the unnecessary stuff present on the web pages. Fascinating indeed, because sometimes the advertisements and promotional stuff does tire us! It will show a reading view devoid of any unrelated stuff.

2. Evernote

Evernote is a cloud based service which allows the users to save notes for future use. The notes may be audio clippings, info-graphics or basic notes that will be assimilated and organized so that you have easy access. It gives 60MB of space-good enough for students.

3. Wolfram Alpha

This app has again cut down efforts. Next time you look out for details use the app, and instead of tedious articles you will get precise and to the point data. Often students need basic but accurate data in split seconds-in this case they may best facilitate.

4. Mint

As the name suggests it allows you to deal with your finances. Since students are unable to keep track of their finances, this app allows them to create budgets on a weekly or monthly basis so that you know where to curb your expenditures.

5. Calcbot

Forget your robust calculators because you can actually have access to a calculator on your iPhone. Download the app Calcbot that has a standard, as well as advanced mode. It will also correct you if you have gone wrong in your calculation.

6. Bigwords

This free app is immensely popular since it gives you a comprehensive knowledge of price of books available on various websites. Very often books are cheaper on the sites than on the local book stores, and in that case you can order the book of your choice online. CourseSmart e-textbooks and the Stanza are some of the similar apps.

7. Istudiez pro

This app never lets you miss lectures! Jokes apart it makes a systematic approach to your schedule and notifies you whenever it is time. You can also attach assignments as per date to the notifications and see it on the calendar. Indeed this app is good for busy students. The different colour codes that appear with each notification are simply magnificent.

8. Cram

Do you want to test your own preparation? Try this app, and know how much you are prepared for the exams. You can set multiple choice questions as well as flash cards and try answering them. You can also share it with those who are synced with Mac. This app is downloaded for seven dollars, so your success is just seven dollars away!

9. Wikipedia

This app has been lately launched for the iPhone platform, and since then it is gathering popularity on account of its mobile optimised articles. Even though, Wikipedia is not an academic back-up, yet it is immensely informative and provides in depth knowledge. Search the Encyclopedia with convenience from your iPhone.

10. Dictionary.com

Dictionary.com is the best app when one is preparing alone. While preparing with difficult text you may be in serious trouble. Just try this app and all words will appear simpler.

11. P183 Graphing Calculator

This immediately solves the problem of graphing calculator. There is no other graphic calculator than this app but beware, there are some bugs. The app market is resplendent with various apps and everyday a new app is being launched, and the existing is being updated to help you in your studentship years.

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