Stay alive with Twitter after the death.

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Twitter’s new application: LivesOn


The microblogging site Twitter has come up with an interesting app, which will keep you tweeting even if you die. The app’s tagline is pretty straight forward and funny, that is “When your heart stops beating, you’ll keep on tweeting”.

The new app will soon allow users to keep posting Twitter updates, even from beyond the grave. The application will independently use intricate knowledge of a person’s on line character to create a virtual continuation of their personality after death. The app is supposed to hit the networking site in March and will be called as LivesOn. It will use Twitter bots powered by algorithms that analyse the user’s online behaviour and learn the way to speak in the same way the user does.

It will keep on scouring the internet, favouring tweets and posting the sort of links the user liked by creating a personal digital afterlife.


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