Difference between Smartphone, Feature Phone and Mobile Phone

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Different phones and how do they differ from each other….

Every user is not so well acquainted with technology as a tech savvy geek. Due to this reason, many users don’t know the difference between mobile phone, feature phone and Smartphone. It is also seen that often these terms are used interchangeably by many ignorant users. Besides, it is likely that when various phones come in the market with different budget, technology and style factor it easily confuses an average user. It depends how the user makes a choice but you can only make a right choice only when you know which one suits your requirement best. A Smartphone, Feature phone or a Mobile phone have distinctive features as well as varied technology. Let us find out how each one is different from another?

Let’s get started with the most basic phone first.


Mobile phone

basicThe most basic phone is the mobile phone. The prime usage of this phone is the most basic functions i.e making and receiving calls. Besides, it is also used for sending text message. This phone best suited for users who don’t want any other functionality apart from calling and texting. This basic phone is more durable and is placed at cheap prices, which make it suitable for budget conscious consumers. Another USP of this phone is its long battery life. You can easily use it for a couple of days without charging the phone till the battery entirely drains out.

It is to be mentioned that these phones are fast becoming old-fashioned but still useful to a great extent, mainly where you cannot take camera phones and hi-end phones. Many corporate organizations and BPOs do not allow using hi-tech phones inside the office premises. In such cases, a basic phone is a very useful device.


Feature phones

Feature-phonesFeature phones have good amount of demand among the consumers even today. These phones are technologically advanced as compared to mobile phones but below than Smartphone. For example, if you just want to capture images via phone then there is a requirement of buying a phone with hi-resolution camera functionality only. If you spend much time in traveling then you have the option of buying a solar energy powered phone. For music lovers they can opt for music edition phones with enhanced music and sound quality. These phones are little bit expensive than basic phones. Moreover, at present these phones are also featured with apps that help in connecting to a user with social media.



smart phone   Smartphones are the result of cutting-edge technology. These are incorporated with computing features in a handset. As of now, these are highly sophisticated phones available. Owing to their advanced features, the price of these gadgets is also high. Smartphones are mainly powered by Apple, Android and Windows operating systems. Renowned brands such as Nokia, Samsung, Sony and BlackBerry etc are competing against each other to develop more advanced phone in terms of technology.

These phones normally feature chat, e-mail connectivity, social networking functionality, Wi-Fi connectivity and 3G or 4G network. A user is able to transfer data and share pictures on social networking sites. They can also use the NFC technology to transfer content; use maps and navigation to search a particular place and even locate friends through GPS. Other important features include editing and sending documents, recording HD video and tools to enhance image quality. This phone also has the ability to produce high-resolution pictures capitalizing on its hi-megapixel powered camera (up to 41 mp). When it comes to Smartphones there is no end to technological advancement, functions and applications. You can choose from any prominent brand like Apple Samsung, Sony or Nokia.


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