Hackers moral code of conduct: Ethical or Unethical

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All You wanted to know about hacking.


Ethical and Unethical Hacking have been in debate for nearly half a century. But each definition differs from one another in all aspects. A white hacker is someone, who is known as a Good Guy, but a black hacker is considered as a Bad malicious attacker. Overall, the debate seems to more inevitably a moral issue of wrong and right and wrong.

Though many of us are really confused between these two terms but still, at some point we do understand the benefits and curses coming with hacking. Bu many of us tends to be confused between the concept of Ethical and Unethical Hacking. To us, hacking is itself, automatically called as Unethical or illegal. Normally, hacking can be defined as unauthorized breach of barriers put for the protection of important data, information and people as well.

Initially hacking was all about breaking laws and accessing unauthorized information by certain groups of people, specializing in Information Technology and Computer Programming. FYI, some of the major computer companies such as Apple, IBM and Microsoft comprises of large team of dedicated, talented and professional hackers. These hackers, however are not breaking the laws, so far nobody can tell. For an ethical hacker, their job includes to test the newly developed program to find loopholes in security system of the program.

In simple words, an ethical hacker is a computer expert, who attacks a highly protected security system on behalf of his owner with care and prevents the exploitation of the program that an unethical hacker might cause harm. In order to test the program, ethical hacker makes use of methods as their less principled counterparts but unethical hacker utilizes each resources and opportunity available to create malicious attack the security system. On other hand, an unethical hacker is more of a vigilante, who is basically involve in exploiting security vulnerabilities for some hacktivists or person who wants to get unauthorized access to the system.

The technical differences between Ethical and Unethical Hacking is ZERO, but what counts here is Moral difference, which is substantive. At present, most of the companies have their own hackers. Both the hackers seems to do well in their business, depends who hires them. It can be well termed as the fight between Police Force and Criminals. Still, the debate will continue to go on for Ethical and Unethical Hacking forever.


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