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Cool Summer Apps!!


Every student loves to make the most of their summer holidays.Whether it’s enrolling for a summer camp, jetting off to another country or getting ready to sit for entrance examinations, there’s plenty to do in the month of May. But as temperatures soar, it’s equally important to take care of one’s health and stay busy. And it seems your phone is now ready to help you do just that. “Apps by season is the latest trend. If you have apps that help you prepare soup and knit leg warmers in the winter, then in the summer you have apps that help you stay hydrated, plan a trip abroad or cook summer salads. One of the most interesting summer apps We have come across is one that mimics various bird calls. You can set the timer to play the sounds just as you wake up and for a few moments you are transported from your bed to the lap of nature,”

While some apps charge users a hefty fee, there are many new independent app designers releasing softwares that are either free or charge only a nominal amount. Summer or not, students around the country just can’t get enough of these budget apps.

Mosquito Repellent

If digital rumours are to be believed, then there is a new way to enjoypeaceful summer nights without having to display red polka dotted skin in themorning. The Mosquito Repellent Android app claims to produce a high frequencysound of which the humans remain blissfully unaware but is still strong enoughto keep all nearby mosquitos at bay. The app can be kept on all throughout thenight. It turns doesn’t use a screen light, thus consuming very little batterylife. Worth a shot this one.

Price: Free

Summer Stylebook

Stylebook is a fun app that makes organising your closet easy and fun byautomatically turning it into a style catalogue. You take pictures of yourclothes and the app then helps assign them into categories such as ‘bottoms’,’dresses’, ‘shoes’ etc. Once that is done, the app allows users to createdifferent looks using over 90 different tools. As fashion comes to full bloomin the summer, Stylebook is a great way to bring your closet alive and getcreative with the latest summer trends.

Price: Rs 300

Sunshine Food

Cook up a storm and swing to some reggae while learning how to perfectly smasha coconut with celebrity chef and musician Levi Root’s Sunshine Food app.Guaranteed to get one in the Caribbean spirit, this app has an assortment of food to put just about anyone in a happy mood. The app also has options which allow users to follow step-by-step videos as they cook. Be it pork with peppers, spicy jerk chicken or pineapple cake, this app brings the best of the Caribbean to your kitchen.

Price: Rs 320

Water Your Body

Water, water everywhere, don’t know how much to drink? Enter Water Your Body,an app that keeps track of your daily water intake, making sure that your body gets just the right amount water everyday. Just enter your current body weight and the app will determine the right amount of water you need to drink each day. Users can also set the app to remind them to drink a certain amount of water at specific timings throughout the day. Hasta la vista dehydration.

Price: Free

UV Safe Timer

Everyone knows that the effect of a sunscreen wanes away eventually and it needs to be reapplied after every few hours. Now here’s an app that tells you exactly when its time to slather up again, thus ensuring that you stay sun safe all day long. UV Safe Timer automatically accesses your current location,weather conditions and of course the UV index in your area. All you have to do is input your skin type and what SPF you have used and you’re all set to have fun in the sun.

Price: Free

Trip It

If travel is on the cards this summer then TripIt is the app to clearly relyon. Having already nabbed the Best Travel Mobile App TripIt takes care of all the travel itinerary from flight information to baggage and daily schedule.Known to offer instant flight alerts, this is one app that certainly lets you kick back and relax on your holiday without having to fuss about a bother some itinerary. The app is available on a variety of different mediums such as iPad,tablets, android, blackberry and windows.

Price: Free



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