Plan a short trip with Layover.

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Layover is an app that help you organize your quick trips.


If you are flying somewhere, Smart  Layover can help you cram as much fun as possible into the long weekend.

Smart Layover is a mobile application that wants to turn “your layover into an adventure.” Rather than drinking the day away at an airport bar or putting your limbs to sleep in uncomfortable airport chairs, Smart Layover presents you with all the information you might need to put those interim hours to use. You can look at day-use hotel rooms, transportation options, sightseeing activities, and the food, drink, and retail deals for various airport terminals. Smart Layover also provides terminal maps as well as estimated security wait times, and flight alerts and notifications to you don’t miss your connecting flight.

The app also applies to people who have delayed or missed flights, or those who are taking a quick weekend trip and want to optimize their time. As Anthony Bourdain has demonstrated in his new Travel Channel show The Layover, 24-28 hours is more than enough time to experience a city. Popular layover destinations include New York’s JFK airport, Amsterdam’s Airport Schipol, Chicago O’Hare, Berlin, LAX, and London Heathrow.

Smart Layover has partnered Groupon and hotels to deliver special discounts, including exclusive access to reduced day-use hotel rates for when you don’t need a crash pad for a full night. Last month it announced a pilot program with Hilton Hotels and more partnerships are in the works. This system also benefits hotels that want to fill vacant hotel rooms. There are tons of travel apps out there, but none (that I know of) that focus exclusively on planning short trips like this.

Smart Layover was founded in 2012 and is based in Seattle. The app is available on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, and on the Web.


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