How to Copy contacts from one phone to another…?

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ME AND MOBILE shows the way to copy contacts from the smartphones:


Copying contacts from one smartphone to another is one of the biggest problems that daunt people who switch phones. To all those who figured it out awesome, bravo. For those who still have not, here are various methods for various types of phones.

For Android

Yes there is Google Contacts which you can use also there is the ability to export the contacts to CSV or a single VCF file. If it is a single vcf file then send it to your mail and click on the vcf file inside your iPhone if it shows all the contacts then click on add to contacts and you have contacts created. If it shows only two or three then export it to CSV import it in Outlook and sync it through iTunes.

For Blackberry

  • From Blackberry World download Contacts to CSVand then create a CSV file. But this file will be saved inside your device so you will not find it in your SD card.
  • Install Beam File Manager from Blackberry World and browse through your device memory for a folder called “Contacts to csv”inside that you will find the csv file.
  • Copy it to your SD card or mail it.
  • The next steps would be explained below in detail.

For iPhone

In your previous iPhone switch-on Contacts in iCloud. Then, when you set up your iCloud with the same apple id, switch-on contacts, and they will be automatically copied.

For Nokia Symbian / Non-Symbian – Any Model with BlueTooth

  • Download the Nokia PC Suite from this link (not for MAC)
  • Connect your phone either through USB connectionor Bluetooth.
  • Click on Contacts and then in File Menu click onExport and save it in CSV.
  • You can try to import it in Outlook but beforeyou copy the contacts to iPhone through iTunes check the numbers in the individual contacts. A sample check is enough.
  • If you find something fish then follow themethod which I will mention in the end
For Nokia – Any Model without BluetoothCopy the contacts to SIM and then copy it to somebody’s android / nokia phone and then use the above methods.


First Turn off the contacts sync to iCloud. When you turn off the contacts it will ask “What would you like to do with the previously synced iCloud contacts on your iPhone?” select delete from iPhone.

Synching iPhone Contacts-Screenshot-1
If you do not turn off iCloud it will show it like this

Synching iPhone Contacts-Screenshot-2

2. Turn off contacts from the Yahoo! Mail account. This willprompt “Are you sure you want to continue? All Exchange ActiveSync contactswill be removed from your iPhone” select delete from iPhone.

  Synching iPhone Contacts-Screenshot-3

3. Click on Check Box next to “Sync Contacts’ in Infoportion of your iPhone in iTunes


Synching iPhone Contacts-Screenshot-4

4. Click on Apply in the Bottom. It will sync the contacts.

 5. After doing that uncheck the box next to sync contacts.It will throw a messagebox which will give two option “Keep Contacts” or“Delete Contacts”. You would know which one to pick J click on keep contacts.

 6. Now turn on all the things you turned off. iCloud willask “What would you like to do with the contacts previously synced with iCloud”Select Merge.

 7. Before you turn on the contacts from your Activesync. Goto contacts in outlook and then select all the contacts and delete. Yes delete,why? If you turn on activesync it will create a duplicate of all thecontacts in your outlook twice.

I know you have read through all this till now but the next part Is quite important.

 You followed the above step but you noticed that your contacts look funny, especially the numbers appear only few digits and rest of it is all 0’s or the contacts have only names and no numbers. Well this is all thanks to one culprit and that is your CSV file. The CSV file will not recognizethe numbers as numbers. It will recognize it like this:

Synching iPhone Contacts-Screenshot-5

 You might think it just needs a auto fit you expand the column or change the format to number and save the file. In spite of this it will still be this. As CSV will not save any format it will just keep it to original export output.

 Now what to do with this situation.

 For this reason  built a macro which solves the problem.

 How to work with this (Please note this was built for windows OS)

For windows users please enable macros before you begin.

1. In the CSV file convert all the phone numbers in to number from general form at this         is without decimal points. You can press CTRL + 1 to access the menu

Synching iPhone Contacts-Screenshot-6

2.Then place all the names in one column. First Name in First Name, the same with Contactnumbers you will have it spread across various fields (Mobile / Work / Homeetc.)

3.  Createa folder in your Documents with any name for this instance we will take“Contacts”

 4.  Openthe “VCF File Creator.xlsb” attached with this mail

5.Pastethe data in appropriate columns, serial number is just a number to identify thecontacts it is mandatory.

 6.  Clickon “Create Contacts”

 7.It will ask you to input a path to save contacts, here paste the path for thefolder Contacts you create earlier


Synching iPhone Contacts-Screenshot-7

 8. Once the entire procedure is done in rare case you will have some VCF files openjust click on save and close.

 9.Follow the “How to Sync Contacts through Outlook” steps.

 Finally done…. Phew… I know this was a long mail but willhelp somebody at least.

 P.S. To get screenshot on your iPhone press the Screen Lock Button and Home Button together.


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