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Online psychotherapy as effective as face-to-face treatment: Study


A new research has found that online psychotherapy is just as efficient as the conventional treatment.

Three months after the end of the therapy, patients given online treatment even displayed fewer symptoms.

For the first time, clinical researchers from the University of Zurich provide scientific evidence of the equal value of internet-based psychotherapy.

Based on earlier studies, the Zurich team assumed that the two forms of therapy were on a par.

Not only was their theory confirmed, the results for online therapy even exceeded their expectations.

Six therapists treated 62 patients, the majority of whom were suffering from moderate depression.

The patients were divided into two equal groups and randomly assigned to one of the therapeutic forms.

The treatment consisted of eight sessions with different established techniques that stem from cognitive behaviour therapy and could be carried out both orally and in writing.

Patients treated online had to perform one predetermined written task per therapy unit – such as querying their own negative self-image. They were known to the therapist by name.

“In both groups, the depression values fell significantly,” Professor Andreas Maercker, said.

At the end of the treatment, no more depression could be diagnosed in 53% of the patients who underwent online therapy – compared to 50% for face-to-face therapy.

Three months after completing the treatment, the depression in patients treated online even decreased whereas those treated conventionally only displayed a minimal decline: no more depression could be detected in 57% of patients from online therapy compared to 42% with conventional therapy.


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