Technology as your saviour.

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How fitness gadgets and the cloud can reduce health care costs.


Connected scales, fitness gadgets, blood pressure monitors, glucose meters — they’re all producing data that health care providers can use to keep you healthier.

connected health takes advantage of that technology to enable providers to give better care while driving costs down.

“What we do is dramatically reduce the cost of health care — and we do that by keeping healthy people out of the hospital,” says Mike Holt, chief executive of Connected Health.

The cost of mobile health devices, combined with low-cost cloud data alternatives, have made it easier than ever for companies to keep health care costs down by monitoring and helping people monitor their own health and fitness.

The return, Holt says, is large, both in terms of cost reduction and efficacy.

“Patients that have more information — real time information — have better results.”

But, Holt adds, re-admittance rates go down using his company’s e-health monitoring system, because health care organizations can help manage patients’ health and advise them before they go back to the hospital.


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