5 apps to increase your productivity.

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Best productivity apps for Android tablets


Android tablets get a bad rap but there are actually quite a few apps that have been designed or optimized for tablets.

Here’s a look five best productivity apps for Android tablets



Wunderlist is already our top pick for Android to-do list. The app allows you to see your lists, details, and edit to-dos from a single screen on larger displays. It’s gorgeous, even if the skeuomorphic look is overstaying its welcome with the design-minded.

The widgets are also resizable which allow you to take advantage of screen space.

Google Calendar
If you’re using Android on a phone, we recommended Agenda Calendar in the last app pack. For tablets, though, Google Calendar makes efficient use of all that extra space. In the Week view, you can still get a thumbnail look at your month as well as all of your various sub calendars.
Google Keep
We’ve already exhaustively covered why Google Keep is a fantastic tool. The card-based design translates extremely well to tablets. You can choose either a single-column view which might work best on 7-inch slates, or a multi-column view that has a more Pinterst-like feel for larger devices.

Either way, it looks great and includes plenty of widgets.

Dashclock Widget
Arguably, Dashclock and widgets in general are even better suited for tablets than they are for phones. With a variety of extensions that you can plug in, you can use this widget to keep abreast of everything in your digital life.

There are a ton of extensions available to supercharge Dashclock and on a larger tablet, you can turn this widget into a veritable control panel.

Quickoffice Pro HD
Microsoft hasn’t seen fit to release a version of its productivity suite for Android just yet, but in the meantime, QuickOffice Pro HD does a great job of editing documents, spreadsheets, presentations and PDFs.

Coupled with a Bluetooth keyboard and you could feasibly do real work on a tablet. It’s a little pricey, but you can occasionally find it on sale for steep discounts.


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