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Stuck with a tech issue, try remote assistance.
Stuck with a question or tech problem that no one can help you with? Apart from a basic search, the web is a great resource for very specific answers to your issue. Here we show you how you can get the help you need
TeamViewer is the de-facto standard for easy remote connections and what’s more, it remains free for non-commercial use. It can be used to ask for remote assistance with problems or for online meetings with up to 25 participants. All you need to do is get the free software on both computers and it guides you through the secure connection. Needless to say, you need a stable broadband connection at both ends in order for it to work well.

The connection and any data transfers between the two computers is encrypted. TeamViewer works on (and between) Windows, Mac, Linux and mobile devices powered by iOS, Android or Windows Phone. You can also access your computer running TeamViewer from a mobile device or join in on a meeting from a mobile device — you just need to have the app installed.
For Rs 2,599 per year, iYogi provides 24×7 unlimited tech support. They will diagnose and repair any tech issues you face as well as optimise your device for better performance. Moreover, the price also includes setup and installation of hardware.
To start, create a free account and click on ‘start meeting’. This downloads a small setup to your computer and installing it gives you the control panel. Use this panel to generate a unique access code for your computer.

An expert can use the same code on the website to view your screen.You have to specifically allow the expert access via the control panel to solve any further issues.

Chrome Remote Desktop
If for some reason you cannot install software on your computer, use this free plugin for Google’s Chrome browser. It works within the browser and enables remote access from one computer to another. The interface is simple — you share your computer by generating an access code. An expert can connect and control your computer for remote assistance using Chrome on his/her computer.
Like TeamViewer, CrossLoop is a free screen sharing service but the basic screen-sharing service from CrossLoop is free for commercial users too. CrossLoop needs to be downloaded and installed on both ends for it to work and screens can be shared by simply sharing the remote access code. CrossLoop also includes support for one-click remote PC access built in.

For instance, if you install CrossLoop on both your home and office PC, you can access and transfer files between them with minimal effort. On CrossLoop, you can also choose to become an expert and get listed on the marketplace. Over time, you can build your reputation up and start charging for services. CrossLoop deducts 15% of the total amount in case of CrossLoop referred customers and 5% if the paying customer was self referred. CrossLoop also works great between Windows and Intel-powered Macs.
Etechies offers a one-time remote assistance for 299 or an annual remote support package for 1,499. They help with repairs, maintenance as well as installation of new software and hardware.

An expert will connect to your PC via the internet and will remain on a voice call with you while fixing any issues.

Wiki Reference Desk
If you’re not in a hurry to get an answer, Wikipedia’s Reference Desk is worth a shot. Head to the Wikipedia Reference Desk page and select a category (computers/IT, entertainment, science, travel and so on).

The first step is to search Wikipedia itself and search boxes are provided. If you don’t find an answer, read the basic requirements and post a query for a response within 14 days.
On Quora, you can ask questions about literally anything and get answers from users around the world. Signing up for a free account is mandatory to access the website and its recommended to thoroughly search the site before posting a question. More often than not, the query you have would have already been asked by someone else. You can also search for answers to queries by category.
You probably know a few things that others don’t. What if someone — could be anyone in any part of the world — needed help with something that you know about? Not only do you get to interact with likeminded people from around the world, you’ll also get paid for it.

That’s the idea behind Google’s upcoming service called ‘Helpouts’.

Google will facilitate the connection between you (the teacher) and your student, using the Hangout video chat service. At this moment, it’s not clear when exactly the service will launch or the other specifics (like how much could you get paid, per hour, or per Helpout). The advantages are huge: instant, affordable & live video help on anything, anywhere, using your computer, tablet or smartphone.


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