Twipping, the latest Twitter craze…

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Ahhh social media: the world’s finest collection of photographs tagged in the category known as stupid.

The latest ridiculous internet craze to emerge on the microblogging site Twitter involves people — mostly teenagers — posting photographs of themselves either falling, or having fallen, down the stairs.

The trend, which has been dubbed ” Twipping” by some was first spotted by the website who began a collection of pictures of people tweeting about how they have just fallen down stairs.

The daft but entertaining images show people lying on the ground after their fall or even managing to snap themselves as they are falling — capturing their “blurred, horrified face” as they tumble, the website says.

The website also points out that if someone is interested in looking for some other examples of people displaying their stupid a search for “spilled on my” uncovers further gold. Whereas in the past the act of tripping over something , falling down something or spilling something on one’s person was a cause for great shame and embarrassment, the new trend would appear to be to advertise it.


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