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Indians may struggle to find reliable internet connections even in metro cities. However, it’s a different story in developed world where blazingly fast internet speed is a norm reveals Akamai’s State Of The Internet report. The report for the second quarter of 2013 lists the countries with the fastest internet connections in the world.

Want to know where all in the world you can find superfast internet speed and where India stands in global ranking? Check out the list…

Hong Kong – 65.1Mbps

Hong Kong maintains its position as the country with the fastest internet connections in the world with peak speed of 65.1Mbps. The internet speed has decreased 0.9% over the past quarter, but grown 32% compared to last year.

South Korea – 53.5Mbps

With top internet speed of 53.3Mbps, South Korea has moved from fourth position in the previous quarter to second in this quarter. The peak internet speed in the country has increased 19% over the past quarter and 14% over last year.

Japan – 48.8Mbps

Japan has moved down one place to third in the list of countries with fastest internet connections. The peak speed 48.8Mbps shows an increase of 3.1% compared to the last quarter and 21% over last year.

Romania – 47.5Mbps

Romania is now at the fourth position in this list, with maximum internet speed hitting 47.5Mbps. This translates to a decrease of 0.6% over the preceding quarter, despite a 23% increase compared to the same period in 2012.

Singapore – 45.6Mbps

Singapore ranks fifth in the list of countries with fastest internet connections, with maximum speed of 45.6Mbps. This marks an increase of 61% over last year and 4.1% over the previous quarter, as per Akamai’s ranking.

Latvia – 44.6Mbps

Latvia has dropped one rung in the table and is now settled at the sixth spot with peak internet speed of 44.6Mbps. This shows an increase of 5.4% since the last quarter and 33% over the same time last year.

Switzerland – 41.4Mbps

Switzerland grabs the seventh spot in the list of countries with fastest internet connections with top speed of 41.4Mbps. This translates to a rise of 3.9% and 38% over the past quarter and year, respectively.

Israel – 40.1Mbps

Despite not making it to the top 10 last quarter, Israel has taken the eight spot in the list this time with top speed touching 40.1Mbps. This represents a 53% rise over last year and 6.4% compared to the preceding quarter.

Belgium – 39.9Mbps

Belgium moves up one spot compared to last quarter and takes the ninth position in Q2 2013. With maximum speed of 39.9Mbps, the country saw a 8.1% rise quarter-over-quarter and 35% over the previous year.

Taiwan – 39.5Mbps

Taiwan rounds up the top 10 countries having fastest internet connections with peak speed of 39.5Mbps. This marks a rise of 61% when compared to the same period in 2012 and 22% over the last quarter.

India – 10.5Mbps

India stands at 112th position in the ranking of nations with fastest internet speed with peak speed of 10.5Mbps. This figure shows a 44% increase in internet speed over previous year and 3.5% over the first quarter of the year.


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